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Our Society

Objectives and methods of operation

The objectives of the Association are, above all, to build good relations between Poles and Jews, to take action for mutual understanding and respect, to create and run the Museum of the Jews of Bialystok, to protect the cultural heritage and history of Jews who lived for centuries in the area of today`s Bialystok region and the whole country, to popularise Jewish culture and traditions, as well as to shape attitudes of tolerance, intergenerational solidarity and sustainable development.
The Association pursues its goals by organising meetings between Poles and Jews aimed at building mutual ties, speaking out on public issues related to the Association`s goals, maintaining and developing an Internet portal, funding scholarships, collecting and making available photographs, documents, memorabilia, artwork and all items related to Jewish life and activity, to collect and make available digital materials on the web portal, to organise and popularise educational, cultural, scientific and social undertakings and projects, to cooperate with non-governmental organisations and state and local authorities and local government institutions in Poland and abroad, and to initiate and conduct research programmes.

Legal status

The Association of the Museum of Bialystok Jews is an association registered in the National Court Register under the number: 0000836749. It has the status of a Public Benefit Organization. It operates on the basis of the Act of 24 April 2003 on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteerism (Journal of Laws 2003 no. 96 item 873 as amended) and the provisions of the Association`s Articles.

The Board

Tomasz Wiśniewski (President of the Board)
Jan Oniszczuk (Vice-President of the Board)
Aleksander Sosna (Treasurer)
Jakub Bobrowski (Member of the Board)
Karol Głębocki (Member of the Board)

Audit Commitee

Mirosław Reczko
Daniel Paczkowski
Jan Siedlecki

Registration data

registered office address: Icchoka Malmeda 6, 15-440 Białystok, Poland 
KRS: 0000836749
REGON: 382226403
NIP: 9662127052
account no. (mBank): PL 15 1140 2004 0000 3512 0787 8962 (support the association)

Contact details

Postal address: Icchoka Malmeda 6, 15-440 Białystok, Poland 
e-mail: info@jewishbialystok.pl
tel: 795 452 287, 507 181 939