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Bank of Cooperatives

Craftsmen bank

in Bialystok

Member of the Association of the
Jewish cooperative


Lipove 1 phone 10-09

gives out loans, offers discounted bills,

various documents for debt collection. Fast

and cheap obtaining.Accepts savings

(starting) from 20 Groschen (marks system)

Hantverker bank

in Bialystok

mitglid fun farband fun

di idishe kooperative


Lipove 1 telefon 10-09

git aroys halvoes, makht diskontes, nemt on farsheydene dokumentnoyf inkase. Shnele

un bilige bazorgung. Nemt on opshporungen

onhoybndig fun 20 groshn (markes sistem).

transl. by Beate Schutzman Krebs

2020-04-15 17:13:42 history
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