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Tachkiemojne Jewish Library

The Hebrew gymnasium under the name Tachkemoni (Hebrew: Wisdom, Academy) was founded in 1923. The headquarters was located at Szlachecka 3 street. The school had a mathematical and biological profile, the language of instruction was Hebrew. In 1925, the school was only at the development stage. There were two classes (IV and V), with 21 male students and 22 female students. The staff consisted of:

  • Bomchil Lejba (born in 1889) – mathematics, physics;
  • Eksztain L. (born in 1898) – singing;
  • Gorzolcany Gorzalczany Chaim (born in 1887) – Jewish studies;
  • Kossowicki Dawid (born in 1875) – jewish studies;
  • Lewitt Jakub (born in 1892) – history, geography;
  • Lifszyc Izrael (born in 1894) – Hebrew;
  • Mines Chawa (born in 1885) – manual works;
  • Rosenmann Rozenman Gedalia, dr (born in 1885) –director, later chairman of the Judenrat in the Białystok ghetto ;
  • Zabłudowska Chasia (born in 1898) – natural science;
  • Zatorski Enoch (born in 1894) – English.

Bibliographic note

  • List of teachers of universities, colleges, vocational schools, teacher seminars and list of research institutions, Warsaw - Lviv 1926, p. 85.

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