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Wider Cwi Hirsz
city councilman in Białystok, confectioner

PL zmień na wersję polską
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Photo: Augustis, courtesy of G. Dąbrowski

In the photo: presumably the owners' daughter.

Letter from Grażyna Agnieszki Rogal:

"My grandmother worked in the confectionery shop on Sienkiewicza Street. Unfortunately, I got all the information from my mother, so it's a secondhand report. The girl in the picture is probably the owners' daughter: I received this information with the photo. Is it possible to check if it's true? My mum told me that grandma and the owners' daughter were close friends. The photo is a bit worn-out, but the scan looks pretty good. I received it not too long ago, although we've been talking about the job at the shop and grandma being friends with the daughter for a long time. Grandma worked there before her wedding, that is until 1938. My mum claims that this photo was taken in the fall of 1937. There are no inscriptions at the back of the picture."

(tł: mj)

2016-12-14 16:37:03
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