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Holiday Cottage

The last holiday cottage on Bialystok's former Sloboda (Nowe Miasto) has 

been taken down in year 2005. It was built in the end of the twenties at 

Horodnianska Street #4. There were four flats on the ground floor, each one 

with a porch, and in the attic - two flats with balconies. It's owner, 

Aleksander Zalewski, has built it thinking about holiday-makers of Mosaic 

faith. There were a lot of trees around, with pines being the dominant. 

Jews came with their whole families, some even with their servants. Usually 

it were young women of roman-catholic or orthodox faith. Sometimes, on 

Sunday, lancers came for courtship from the nearby 10th Lancer Regiment. 

Supposedly, during that time the busses ran from Bialystok to Zwierzyniec. 

Season began on the first days of August and ended in September, on the 

last day of summer. Holidaymakers usually spent whole days in hammocks of 

thick canvas. Mr. Aleksander frowned upon that. He thought that it damages 

the trees. Sometimes, the local boys sneaked under the hammock and quickly 

cut the lines that held it, and ran away. Jadwiga Sosnowska, the daughter 

of the owner, could watch the wedding take place. She recalled that the 

soon-to-be-married couple stood under the canopy. Thanks to the preserved 

registration book of the house on Horodnianska Street #4 we can read some 

of the names of the jewish families that rested there:

Doktorowicz Berta, Lejb and Rysia

Drejer Masza, Gitla and Izak with servant - Wróbel Felicja

Ojcha Krejna, Chaim, Izyfraze with servant - Dorożka Anna

Atłasowicz Mojżesz,Izyfra with servant - Sołowionowicz Anna

Korczewska Sara, Fryda and Jochwed

Flikier Rywka, Hirsz, Fiszeli Kejla

Kleinman Rozalja,

Rotenberg Mojżesz and Sonia

Grochowska Zofja, Gitel,Ewi with servant - Staronowicz Klementyna

For a few years the jewish holidaymakers came, then, the permament inhabitants remained, including: Jędryczak Lucyna - nurse, Jedryczak Feliks - insurance official, Bućko Stanisław - carpenter, Niewiński Edmund - telephone monter, Zalewski Wincenty - brick burner. In the registration book there are also two entries in Russian lenguage, from the year 1939.


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