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Zylberblat Eli
He was born in Bialystok.  He was a community leader and a member of the Bialystok literary circle.  He wrote occasional articles for Bialystok newspaper and magazines.  He contributed to the jubilee issues in Bialystok of Dos naye lebn (The new life), 1919-1929, and of Byalistoker almanakh (Bialystok almanac), 1931.  No news of him had been discovered from before WWII.
Sources: Jubilee issue of Dos naye lebn (Bialystok) (1929); Byalistoker almanakh (1931). Yankev Kahan

"Eli Zylberblat (1873-1932) was my great grandfather" - wrote us Alex Russakovsky.
"He was a textile merchant (some Bialystok business registry, in French, reference to which I cannot find at the moment, lists him as "merchant de draperies").  Many Zylberblats worked in textile industry. The book http://bir.brandeis.edu/bitstream/handle/10192/28410/Bender.pdf?sequence=1
says (p 22) that "In 1939, the city had 110 textile industrialists". As one of its sources, it mentions this one: Zilberblat, Eli. “Yidisher Tekstil-Pionern in Bialystok un Umgegent” [Jewish Textile Pioneers in Bialystok and Environs]. Bialystoker Almanach(1931).
The web site http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Bialystok/bia2_028.html mentions that the first textile factories in Bialystok appeared around 1850. It says also "Avraham-Leib ZILBERBLAT opened a spinning and weaving mill in 1866. His son, Sheime, later had the spinning and weaving mill." This Leib is apparently Eli's grandfather. Leib is also the grandfather of Wolf Zylbebrlat, who apparently operated the factory at some point, as is also mentioned in your other movie. I keep contact with some descendants of Wolf, now living in France.
Eli had 7 children. Five of them appear in the same picture featured in your movie with Phillip. Eli's wife Haia (nee Szawzin) is on that picture as well. Missing are two of his sons (one of them - my grandfather). I have some more facts about the family, but I do not know which ones could be of interest to you. Unfortunately I do not know much else about Eli - and I only discovered his picture in your movie. I do not know how prominent or well-known he was in Bialystok. I saw some book about Bialystok at Stanford library about 15 or more years ago which listed as prominent the then operator of the factory, which the book identified as Khone Zylbebrblat, but as my cousin in France informed me, it was actually a picture of his grandfather Markus (aka Motel) Zylberblat.

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