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Epstein Izrael

Izrael Epstein (1872-1932) was born on June 12, 1872 in Białystok as the son of Hirsh Volf Abelovich Epstein and Khana Fayvelovna, the family originating from Zabłudów. He married Shifra Meyrovna Tenenbaum on November 21, 1895 in Białystok. Following children were born in his family: Leyb (1896), Sora Rakhel (1897), Abram (1898), Berel (1899), Meir (1901-1902), Meir (1902), Pesha (1904-1905), Khonon (1906)(known later under the name Elcanan), Khana (1907) (known later under the name Rakhel), Revekka (1909). Israel was a merchant of the second guild trading seed and grain.  He was listed in 1914 on the listof real-estate tax payer. He lived then at Bazarny square. When the Ist world war erupted, the family was in Niezhin (today`s Ukraine) at  the vacation. After the war the family returned to Białystok, but because the fall of the previous markets and administrative and beaurocratic problems left to Palestine in 1920-1921. Following children survived to the mature age: Khana (Rakhel), Abram, Meir(Meir) and Khonon (Elcanan). The first photo shows Israel (Sroel) Epstein, the second one from left to right: Shifra Epstein born Tenenbaum, sons: Chonon Epstein, Meir Epstein, Sroel Epstein, daughter Chana Epstein, son Avram Epstein.

(text: Daniel Paczkowski, thanks to Andrew Milano).

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