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Kapulscy Kapulski

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Kapulski Family
Before the war, mrs Wiesława lived in a wooden house on Młynowa Street in Białystok. From her childhood, she remembers the Jewish Kapulski family: "They lived across the street from us. They had a little grocery store in their house. I often went there to do my shopping. They were very kind, and if someone didn't have enough money, they let them pay later. Next to their house, there was a big concrete cellar filled with giant blocks of ice. It served as a shelter during the raids of June '41. When the Kapulski family was being taken to the ghetto by the Germans, it was suggested to my dad that we should move there. Although we didn't have our own house, my father did not take the offer, it wouldn't be the right thing. Many people lived there during the occupation. After the war, a married couple, probably repatriates, started living in the Kapulski family house. They were circus performers; we used to call the husband "rubber-man". Today, there is no trace of neither the house, nor the cellar.

Marek Jankowski

PS The text was already published in 2003.

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