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Oskar Rozanecki

He made his debut in 1919 in "Zachęta" in Warsaw. In 1923 he presented his work in his home town. For some time he studied in Berlin workshop of Willy Jaeckl and for one year he was on the scholarship in Paris. In Berlin and Białystok in 1926 he presented about 80 of his works. We know nothing about exhibiton in Białystok presented in March 1928. He also presented his works on various exhibitions of Żydowskie Towarzystwo Krzewienia Sztuk Pięknych in Warsaw (jid. Jidiszer Gezelszaft cu Farszprajnt Kunst). In 1930 he took part in the exhibition of Białystok artists organized in Representative Room of Provincial Office (former Branicki Palace). To make his living he worked as theatre decorator in Białystok theatre and drawing teacher in a local secondary school, he was the iniciator and later a decorator of miniature theatre “Gilarino”. He died during Bialystok ghetto liquidation. 

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