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Meet our first ever fellows!

We would like to thank you all for supporting our project. It makes us happy to see your names on our honour donators list. It has been a month since we’ve started our collection and we have decided to allocate the collected means for specific projects, or rather for specific people!

We decided that, starting on 1 June 2019, we will fund year –long fellowships for the following people:

Sylwia Małachowska - a journalist and social media specialist. Sylwia will be responsible for all donor and media contact and will prepare a crowdfunding campaign on FB. She will also look after our project’s profile.

Karol Głębocki - a historian, a teacher, and a cultural animator. Karol will improve the quality of posts on our profile (many of which need polishing and correcting). He will be responsible for the Jewish Community Museum of the region of Białystok profile as a whole.
Michał Choruży - the creator of the webpage. Michał will ensure the necessary progress of the website, update the login scripts and look after the technical side of our project.

The board of the Jewish Community Museum of the region of Białystok is also calling for applicants for a year-long fellowship to handle the English version of our project. The translation of posts into English should keep up with the posts in Polish. The ideal candidate will not only have fluent knowledge of English and the necessary skills to edit the posts, but also truly relate to and identify with our project. We are looking for candidates from all over the podlaskie voivodeship. Please forward your applications (no longer than one page) by email to

Andrzej Rusewicz, Tomasz Wiśniewski
Stow. Zapomniany Białystok  (The Forgotten Białystok Society)
Stow. Muzeum Żydów Białegostoku i regionu (The Society of the Jewish Community Museum of the region of Białystok)  

See who funded our fellowships.