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Zabel (Calel) Rutenberg

My grandmother I believe had 8 brothers and sisters of which I only met a few. Her parents (I don't know their names) and at least 3 siblings  made it to the US and (Sheina and Israel) in Chicago and one brother, Sol (Shalom) lived in New York. Another brother Issac, I believed lived in Buenos Aires. I think the rest perished, either by the pogroms or in the Holocaust. All  the siblings worked as bakers. Israel owned a bakery in Chicago. 
My grandfather arrived in Argentina alone when he was 18 years old. His parents I believe were Sara Bochkovsky and Meishe Jaim Rutenberg. They along with a daughter Regina arrive in Buenos Aires around 1923. Later his siblings  Sara, Salomon, Anita,  Berta, and Boris arrived on the same ship with my maternal grandmother around 1925. My grandmother did not have any family and became friendly with my grandfather's sisters on the ship. They took her in and she ended up living with the Rutenberg family and married my grandfather. 
They rented a home in Belgrano neighborhood on a street named Montañeses near a textile company Campomar S.A. where they got their first job. 

Credit Silvia Chudnovsky. 
If You have any informations about this family please conact us
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