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Wolf to Hersh Wróbel

Hersh Wrobel


Sosnowa 31


Wolf Wrobel



Sunday, November 28, (1937)

Dear parents, shall live, brother and granny!

I'd like to inform you, that I received

your card and I answer you immediately,

writing about my health. And especially to you, granny:

I feel thanks God very good! Maybe on Wedsnesday,

I will be in Bialystok, already.

I expect 14 days vacation. But we don't know

it for sure until the last minute.

Only the ___nurse told me, that I will get it

for sure.

I received 2 Zloties and I thank you very much!

Maybe it was Toybye (Tayvye?), who sent it to me?

I will come in good health and we will speak about everything,

it's hard, to write it down. Concerning „Strupnikh“

I'm very happy- there's really a God in heaven!

They shall go to Dargel and at Pinye(Pinyon?), to do the things and

snatch some Groschen.

Dear parents, don't worry, because

I stayed alive after such a serious illness.

The mayor is very happy with me, because

one cannot cure dead men...

Since 14 days already, my temperature is normal!

He has to warrant me vacation, because I'm sick of

being there already, and secondly, I

absolutely don't like it any more.

No more to write. Stay healthy

and strong, with income and

blessing. You shall live and

be content with life,

grandma Chashele Mozolt(?),

calm down(?), dad(?),

from me Velvel (Wolf) Wrobel

(translated by Beate Schutzman Krebs) 

2016-12-26 12:45:28