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Szewel Saul Margolis
rabin Michalowa
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Rabbi Shaul Margolis, 
Michalowo- Niezbudka
Bialystok Poland 
14 May 1939 

With God's help, Sunday, 40 to the counting of the Omer, 5699, Michalowo-Niezbudka

I  ? ? for HaRav Skrablatzky 
To the honorable genius rabbis, heads and leaders of the supreme institute "Ezrat Torah" in America, may God protect and preserve it. 
Here, in our city, there's a very excellent man, he's the great rabbi, our teacher the rabbi, R' Yakov Skrawlatzky?, may he live long and happily, known and famous in the whole are for his greatness in the Torah, his delving into the ways of the Torah, pure awe and, especially, for his enthusiastic communal work and wonderful devotion to observing the religion, the Torah, those who study it and everything good and helpful. There was a special value to his communal work because he was once considered to be a wealth man, owner of a brick house and a large shop, but a few years ago he encountered a severe debt burden for various reasons. In the last months, because of the troubles of the time, his situation became unbearable and, God forbid, he's about to collapse. There is still time to help him with not a very large sum. In my absolute opinion, it is the duty of the officials of Orthodox Jewry to support him, so, God forbid, he wouldn’t collapse. I'm sure that if we leave his bitter destiny in his hand, all his mighty and beneficial communal work will be totally lost. The matter, God forbid, might cause a great desecration of God's name in the whole area.
Therefore, my teachers and rabbis, I lay before you my plea to properly evaluate the matter and allocate him the most decent amount according to your ability. [I cannot understand the next sentence].
The one, who's writing with a broken and depressed heart, is expecting the Divine mercy in general and in particular.
We respect and admire the magnitude of your value.
Shaul Margolis
The rabbi of this place

translated by Sara Mages

2017-03-03 10:54:57