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Siemiatycze - L. Cykiert
Steam sawmill
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Luzern, March 12, 1939

Dear loved ones, a moment ago we received your dear card,

for which we have been waiting with impatience, already.Concerning the

matter with Jacob, you are right, dear Leibishl, when you write,that my (hard earned?) money was plundered for doubtful things.

And in fact it is just now, that we actually want to help a youngman, who is alone, without any help quite isolated; and he doesn’thave anyone to approach! Well, the meaning of this I probably feelmore than

anybody else. Anyway, there’s really no need to talk about, whenyou write, that you currently have to struggle with own moneyproblems. But I, sitting at this place, can achieveabsolutely nothing

for Jacob.-

The XXX is- provided, that it is efficient, very well bought for 7500 zloty. But even considering that amount,

you actually cannot be so close to cash, giventhat the bill of exchange would XXXXXXX.

In case, that Jacob's affair won't be arranged, I haveto ask you once more,

to do without fail the few transfers, for which I'vebegged you for so long, already- and you still haven't answered yet,if you already have done or will do so. Well, when I underwrote, Ididn't know, that

you are so short of money.

But the engagement must be kept! Finally, thisfinancial affair can only be settled in Poland. Anyway, cause of thedelay, I already have a big loss. Further particulars I cannot writedown to you, but anyhow, the affair must obligatory be settled!

I've already told you about great prospects in thisseason, but surprisingly,

there occured some strange

interferences, which threw over everything! Of course,without any financial means, I won't be able to continue. XXX. Thebusiness with XXX certainly won't develope- in short- I don't even thinkabout continuing,

I only ask you to make the few littel transfers, becausethe matter XXX

is going to rob my mind and calmness.

Therefore: 60 Zloty must go immediately to:

Abraham Rosenvaser, Lemberg, Sribunolska 14, by Menkes.

55 Zloty to Goldhaber(?), you certainly do know theaddress. These

115 Zloty actually cost me 280 zl- cause of the delay!

Furthermore, when the month is over, you will have totransfer to

the same Rosenvaser another

120 zl. And this is all!

Atmy place, I still will have to torment myself

XXXXXare many

refugees-the whole family from Germany, Gina's sister's

husbandis lingering here, as well.

Healso is going to marry his daughter off- of course, I won't approachhim . But the (old debt?) you must transfer, please, (transfer) the115 zl. immediately! I ask you to write me immediately, if you cansettle it or not. I urgently have to know it, because I 'm unable tofind any peace of mind. Write oftentimes and detailed!

Withgreetings and kisses,


from: Ch. Pozner byErlanger

Luzern, Moosstraße 18

Translated by Beate Schutzman Krebs

2017-04-05 06:13:06