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Our, Bialystok`s Jews, after 1944
Our, Bialystok`s Jews, after 1944

We have begun preparations for an exhibition project and event about the history of Bialystok`s Jews after the war, especially in the period 1944 - 1968. Many of them emigrated from Poland after the March events in 1968 (some earlier, some a little later).
Many of them are still alive and we have contact with them. They live in Australia, Israel, the USA, Canada, Belgium and in many countries. This year we held online meetings in THE PLACE (still on Modlinska 6, now THE PLACE is on Malmeda 6) with
Gutka Ruth Rubinsztein (left Bialystok in 1964), ???? Leon Ejdelman (left in 1968),
Bernard Pogoda (left in 1970).
They told us their stories and showed us photos. You can view their stories using these links
Gutka https://youtu.be/k-wormCcgyA
Leon https://youtu.be/8TM0GrVtanc
Bernard https://youtu.be/ffySglBq88Q
In our city there are Bialystokers who remember them, those who have retained good memories and some who to this day maintain friendships with their Jewish colleagues. We turn to you for help in collecting such materials.
The coordinator of our project is Karol Glebocki  glebocki.karol@gmail.com

2023-12-21 06:33:52