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Moisey Aleksander Zylberblat Zilberblat
bracia brothers burried on Komunalny Cmentarz Białystok
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Mojżesz Zylberblat Birth date: 2nd February 1896  Death date: 29th October 1968
Pochowany w jednym grobie z Aleksandrem Zylberblatem.

Aleksander Zylberblat Birth date: 24th April 1898  Death date: 24th April 1977
Pochowany w jednym grobie z Mojżeszem Zylberblatem.
Author of the entry in database: Krzysztof Bielawski

Brothers Moisej and Aleksandr(Alexander) Zylberblat are buried in the same grave. Both were sons of Chone (Khone) ZylberbIat
who co-owned the Bialystok textile factory with his brother Wolf (alternatively, it was a separate company Zylberblat & Filip).
Aleksander had a very interesting biography. He was once a (2nd) husband of Peggie Stone, the internationally known singer and pianist (see e.g. Born Rosa Goldstein, she was actually his cousin as his mother was a Goldsztejn.
Just before the Soviets invaded Poland, in 1939, Alexander together with his brother Moisej was lured by the NKVD (then-KGB)
to Vilno where they were promised immigration passports, but instead they got arrested and exiled to Siberia (as "bourgeois elements"). After some time there, in 1944, Alexander was arrested again on false accusations and sentenced to 10 years in Gulag camps, but he survived and was released after Stalin`s death. He returned to Bialystok afterwards where he lived quietly and died. I remember hearing that he married again but had no children.
 It seems that Moisej survived too, but not much is known about him so far.
Alex Russakovsky

2020-05-31 06:53:07 history