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Jewish Museum of Florida - FIU, Miami Beach Kaddish for Dąbrowa Białostocka
Kategoria: Podwal Mark
 The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU invites you to a reception with artist Mark Podwal.
Podwal will talk about Kaddish for Dąbrowa Białostocka, his series of eighteen drawings
​​​​​​​that he completed following his 2016 visit to the shtetl in Poland where his mother was born.
  The series is a visual diary of his journey to Dąbrowa and are based on what he saw
in the town and what he heard from elderly residents as they reminisced about their former
Jewish neighbors while filmed by Tomasz Wisniewski for his documentary
​​​​​​​The Absent Family: Reading the Ashes – Following in the Footsteps of the Jews of Dąbrowa.
   Mark Podwal may have been best known initially for his drawings on The New York Times
Op-Ed page. In addition, he is the author and illustrator of numerous books.
Most of these works - Podwal's own as well as those he has illustrated for others
​​​​- typically focus on Jewish legend, history and tradition.
His art is represented in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
​​​​​​​the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Israel Museum, the Bodleian Library,
the Jewish Museums in Prague, Berlin, Vienna, and New York, among many other venues.

2019-03-03 17:38:33