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Ester Wróbel to Hersz

Written to

Hersz Wrobel


Ul. Sosnowa 31/5


Ester Wrobel


Sept. 4, 1935

(The card is cut off in several places) ___God shall grant better(news?).

Now, dear son Hershel, why don't you write about your health and about what you and ____are doing, because I oftentimes think about it!

Have you received the _____? God shall grant luck!

I would have written much to you, but (maybe) you think, that we aren't interested in you___to write___is our pleasure.

Reyzel and Moshe had to leave for Warsaw, because the best doctors called them, asking to come there as soon as possible. (Following u.a. a description of Moshe's disease, maybe a heart disease).

I've become very weak, it's hard for me to walk around, I never felt like this before. I had to call for Rivke and ask her to come,________,

but it's a shame to close the shop(?)____in vain___not to enjoy___

pains___he is close to having no benefit left of all his money, (mentioned are also the words „enemies“ and „wicked person“).

This may not happen to you!

Now also Chaim and his child are____and it takes strength. He will__he got a___heart and he doesn't want to ___for him.______

What is the son(daughter)-in-law's mother doing? Maybe she is able to go alone____, already. Regards to all of you from me,

your dear mother,

Ester Wrobel

(translation by Beate Schützmann-Krebs)

2016-12-19 08:41:52